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A Typical SEO Campaign We Will Provide For You

There are many different forms of work which can be provided starting from the content to the way that your website is structured. When it is all put together, the results that you can receive are exciting and here at Weblinx we intend to provide a high level of service to you.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is all work which is carried out on the website to further improve rankings. These changes are necessary to help search engines better crawl a website and understand what the websites intentions are to establish how it should rank. There are errors which can be mistakenly made which can lead to poor rankings, which is why it is necessary to have the onsite SEO checked over and amended where necessary.


Keyword selection is an important process. Finding the keywords which are the best for your site is a process which needs a lot of research due to the fact that some long tail keywords within an industry are more important than others.


Making sure that a site has fresh and well written content is an important factor within SEO, as the saying goes, content is key. By strategically placing the keywords you have chosen within the content you have a great chance of ranking well within your industry for the targeted phrases.

Website Structure

The structure of your website can be an important factor when it comes to Google bots indexing your site and finding the information that it needs to identify the service or products you offer. The better your content is and the easier it is to find, the better your indexing will go along with higher rankings.

Title Tags

Title Tags need to relate to the pages content, title tags are one of the most important parts of SEO as they are one of the first things that people see when they view your website in search engine rankings.

Header Tags

Header (H) tags allow you to indicate the different sections of text on your website, they also help search engines to find the important pieces of content on certain pages. When these H tags are placed correctly, using the keywords you have chosen, you may see an improvement in rankings due to search engines seeing the information they need within areas of priority.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is an important process for websites. Not only does it allow for easy navigation for the end user but it also allows search engines to crawl your website with ease, as they simply follow the links to the different pages.

Off Site SEO Services

Unlike onsite SEO, off site SEO focuses on utilising other areas online to help search engines and people discover a website. This is through techniques such as creating articles to bring attention to your business, linking from relevant and high quality websites where possible and even attracting links to your website without making much effort from yourself. Off site SEO is essential alongside onsite SEO to achieve better rankings in Google.

Article Writing

Article writing can be a great way of getting your name out there and it can also serve as a great optimisation tactic when carried out correctly. When you are writing an article you need to make sure that the content is interesting and readable. Ensure you are writing for the correct audience and provide the end user with an informative, educational read.


Weblinx Limited has collated a large amount of resources around the web, enabling us to gain high quality effective backlinks for your company’s website. This can be done through a variety of platforms ranging from blogging, directory submissions, social-media marketing and PR. The variety of links that we provide helps with the ranking of your website due to the link juice that is passed to your site.

Link Baiting

Link baiting is a great strategy for those out there who wish to gain links for their website in a natural way. An example of linkbaiting can be carried out by producing a PDF guide on a specific subject. The PDF can then be posted on relevant websites, social media, and press releases.  By doing this you can encourage users to make reference to your PDF should they feel there is useful information to be obtained from the PDF. When attempting to link bait we make sure that your post, PDF, or whatever you are trying to get out there is posted on as many platforms as possible as this allows for the linkbait to reach as large an audience as possible.